Insurance FAQ's

Insurance FAQs 


1. What is shipping insurance?

Shipping Protection is provided by insureship. It provides shipping insurance for your online purchases from lost, damaged, and theft while in transit.

For more information, please click this link:


2. Why do I need shipping insurance?

When you purchase your shipping insurance from us you will receive world-class service, fast & easy online claims processing, and the peace of mind that comes when you insure your order.


3. What does my insurance cover?

The insurance covers the total cost of the item/s only. Coverage does not include shipping and handling fees as well as insurance fees. 


4. Can I cancel my insurance?

You can remove the insurance from your order prior to check out by ticking the Shipping Protection tab to No just above the Subtotal.

Once your order is confirmed, you are able to cancel your insurance policy for a full refund any time prior to the pick-up of your order from our warehouse. Once an item has been shipped, all shipping insurance sales are final.


5. When should I file an insurance claim?

You may file a claim if your package is damaged once received or simply does not arrive. 

Please note that customers must wait 20 days for domestic, and 30 days for international shipments before filing for non-delivery claims.


6. How to claim shipping insurance?

Please use the following link to make a claim:

Claim Form:

All packaging material and damaged goods must be kept in the original form as received. Packaging and damaged goods should not be disposed of or released to the shipping carrier before a claim is completed, as photographs may be required. Failure to comply can result in the denial of the claim due to insufficient packing.


7. Who do I need to contact to follow up on my insurance claim?

You may reach Online Shipping Insurance Services

Phone: 866-701-3654



8. Do I still need to file for a refund or replacement of the item after filing the insurance claim?

Your insurance covers damaged and lost items which means you are no longer eligible for product replacement or store refund.